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About HMP Survey & Design

Our beginnings were in Construction Surveying Services which is something we have been conscious to maintain. We carry out work for various clients from Earthwork Contractors, Civil Engineering Contractors, both local and national, setting out roads and sewers, Storm water projects house foundations, raft, foundations, concrete/steel framed structures, car parks etc.

Topographical Surveying

During a topographical survey all existing features both natural and man made are surveyed to give an accurate representation of the site so that designs can be accurately made.

All surveys are done to the highest standards.

At HMP Survey & Design we have highly competent topographical surveyors. Along with our use of the latest high-precision survey equipment our clients receive a comprehensive survey service .

We offer survey solutions to suit the clients needs in the public as well as the private sector.

With more than 10 years experience in the surveying & construction fields we have partnered many of our long term clients to come up with pro active methods, procedures, processes and solutions to make the builders job easy