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Everywhere in the civilized world you go, construction crews are bound to follow, or else they have already been there. High rise buildings, highways, mines, factories, bridges, pipes or high-tension electricity lines, plus countless other manmade structures, all require construction crews to create or modify them. And where you find construction, you will invariably find one or more surveyors. 

HMP Survey & Design is a multi-diciplined South African based organization with a excellent reputation in supplying qualified surveyors etc. to the geomatics and civil contracting industries established over the past 12 years. We strive to supply the best service to our clients and offer tailor made solutions for any of your specific  survey needs.

Our company has a philosophy of continuous innovation, leading the way through practical application of the latest technology. A key company value is providing prompt, reliable and professional service. You find the work, we will get the surveyors you need.

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